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My position hasn’t changed since I ran against Cynthia McKinney in 2006 when I recommended the border be controlled as a military installation.

I am a member of Roswell United Methodist Church.  Our church, along with a group of others, built four buildings to promote Christianity in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.  Shortly after their completion they were taken over by the Mexican drug cartel.  Our church has not returned to Mexico in eight years.  We have to stop the flow of drugs into our country.

We create 200,000 new jobs a month for our economy.  During the Obama administration, we have issued more than 2.5 million various types of visas to people coming into this country from abroad.  Many over stay their visas or manage the system to quickly become citizens or permanent residents.  These individuals are taking the jobs away from Americans who we are educating in our schools and colleges every year.  These numbers do not include the people who come here illegally.  A man can be deported for having a felony conviction on a Monday and be back to work in Atlanta on Friday.

As you remember, this all started with Ronald Reagan in 1986 giving amnesty to 14 million Latinos.  His reasoning at that time was that the low cost of labor for these illegals would help stabilize the labor force and the downhill slide of the economy.

When the next attack occurs in the United States, which could be just around the corner, the southern border will be sealed, along with our ports and airports in less than one week.  The United States cannot support 325 million people and we cannot take the overflow from countries south of our southern border.  We are at a different time in this world than when my grandfather and grandmother came through Ellis Island.



The high cost comes from the profits and overhead of your provider of service and your insurance company.  Medicare, per person, costs the Medicare fund slightly less than $10,000 per year, per retiree.  It seems your employer is passing most of their cost on to you.  Does your $11,000 per year include out-of-pocket deductibles?  Most policies today, even if you were employed by the state and federal governments, have large out-of-pocket deductibles making most policies seem like catastrophic care.


​​​LGBTQ Rights

I believe that everyone is an individual and should be separate to believe and live the way they decide, not by anyone else.  My tax plan is by each individual taxpayer, so is my healthcare plan.  To me, there is only one judge, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the Father, God.  The only other is a court of legal jurisdiction.  This position eliminates a lot of unnecessary disputes.  This sounds a little libertarian.




Everybody pays what it costs.  My full agenda regarding healthcare can be found in detail under "John's Agenda on the Issues".




Climate change is a world problem tied to the use of fossil fuels.  China uses more fossil fuel than all other countries combined.  They are the biggest damaging country to change in climate.  The United States does not control China.