I want to say thank you very much for your support.  To my opponent Jim Barksdale and the Democratic Party of Georgia, again you were successful in buying a nomination with a millionaire’s money.  To all the Democrats that did not listen to my message, you nominated a candidate that has no chance of defeating Johnny Isakson in November! 

Without a Democratic Senator from Georgia leading this state and this party, the people of Georgia will not receive Medicaid expansion for the 680,000 Georgians who qualify for it, an increase in the minimum wage or a living wage for the 1.6 million people working for $8.00 an hour or less, and affordable healthcare copied after the Medicare formula to yield the lowest cost possible to insure everyone else.

As I crossed this state, the working class of Democrats felt they had no representation in Washington or in this state.  The Republicans had all the control and all the power.  As you can see from the results of last night’s voting and the huge separation of total votes by the Republicans and Democrats, the Republican candidates, both presidential and congressional (Senate & House), will carry the State of Georgia in November, along with the election of Donald Trump as President.

Considering that 55% of Americans make less than $35,000 a year and 70% make less than $50,00 a year, how can this balance of power be so strong in favor of the top 30%, mostly who vote Republican?  Now it is true that my positions in my agenda covered both sides of the isle, although I believe they are what is best for all Americans.

The Democratic Party and its leaders have let you down and have led you on a string of continued losses in all these past elections which is costing you in your day-to-day lives.  Last night’s primary could have changed the direction needed to bring back a balance in power between the Republicans and Democrats.  I am very disappointed that my message did not ring loud enough to be heard.  Maybe it would have had I spent a million dollars. 

Again, thank you, good luck and God speed.  I will handle the Party in the courts; you will have to do the rest.


John F. Coyne, III

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Alpharetta, GA