I believe that term limits should apply to all elected offices.  Individuals in the House of Representatives should have a term of 12 years, the only exception would be for the Speaker of the House.  I would give him/her four extra years.  The same 12 year term limit would also apply to Senators.

An individual could actually serve no more than a total of 24 years, if they served in both Chambers.

Speaker Newt Gingrich and Vice President Al Gore wanted to pass term limits just prior to each of them leaving office.  This should be the Voter's choice, not the people in Washington.  We all know how hard it is to defeat an incumbent.  Shake up Washington with term limits.

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​2016 TAX PLAN


Rewriting the Tax Code to a One Sheet Filing

Major changes required to assist rewriting the tax code and raise the people on the bottom of the income scale above the present poverty level and into an acceptable level of income to where all workers contribute to the cost of living in America.  This eliminates the taxpayer’s biggest complaint, more than half of the people don’t pay anything in federal taxes.  Remember, presently 78% of all people file a 1040EZ short form.

Major Changes

     (1) Raise the minimum wage to $11.00 per hour and add $0.25 per year to that rate for the next ten (10) years.  This  applies to people under 22 years of age or people over 65 years of age, or anyone working part-time who has additional sources of incomes.  This group pays no income tax up to $15,000 dollars.

     (2) Set the standard living wage at $15.00 per hour or $600.00 per week for 40 hours worked per week.  These workers will have a total income of $31,200.00 per year and not be below the poverty level.  After an individual deduction of $4,000.00, they will pay 10% of the $27,200.00 in tax, or $2,720.00 through the federal payroll tax deduction and with their SSI and Medicare and state taxes.  Clearly, we have raised their income by 50-100%.  Wherefore, they will be happy to pay a little federal tax.

Using a standard deduction of 2015, they would have paid between 4% and 8% depending on what they earned.  This is straight math.  Also remember, the majority of these individuals should be covered by Medicaid or their Employers/Healthcare Plan.

I believe this additional cost for workers should be absorbed by the Employers.  I am sure you would pay a little more for your Big Mac or Chick-fil-A to raise these everyday workers to an acceptable standard of living they can enjoy.

    (3) Convert the CORPORATE TAX to a gross tax on total revenue (sales and income).  Collect a tax rate of 2% to 3% to be paid monthly to the federal government.  No deduction of any type and no tax credits.  Corporations have avoided paying taxes to the federal government through deductions and tax credits for years and paid their stockholders and management huge sums of money.  Every COMPANY pays, which allows individuals to pay less.  Eliminate the section for non-profits exempt only, public schools, and state universities.  Everyone should pay this FEDERAL CORPORATE TAX.

   (4) Allow all past income to be repatriated back into the United States with a flat tax of 15% on these funds.  This payment will allow the companies to either reinvest the balance, pay dividends to stockholders, return their investment for use in the United States without trying to protect those funds overseas.  There will be no future tax on these funds unless they produce new income from their investment.

    (5) There will be no tax on healthcare cost paid by the Employer or Employees.

   (6) Any casualty loss by the Corporation should be insured fully, wherefore the Company will pay income tax on their gross income even though they sustained a casualty loss.

    (7) By changing the TAX CODE we are eliminating the numerous paperwork that the taxpayer must file and the IRS must review.

   (8) All income tax filing will be filed individually, no joint returns.  I have eliminated all Schedule C filing, all sole proprietorship, LLC’s, and all types of partnerships that will not distribute all funds each year to the stockholder or partners.  Every business is a CORPORATION that pays this tax.

Therefore, all income in the future should pay a 2% to 3% income tax on revenue.  This eliminates people and companies from declaring everything as an expense and showing no income and paying no federal tax.

For example, if you or your Company that you own produces the revenue each year of $100,000 dollars, or $1,000,000 dollars or more at 2-3% tax on that, gross revenue has to be less than the cost of the accounting that has to be completed to avoid taxes.

All other earners who receive a W-2 from their Employer will be taxed federally according to these proposed tax rates.


Every individual filing a return will receive a $4,000 tax credit toward their gross income.  All income sources in salary, dividends, capital gains, and interest on investment incomes will be taxed according to each income bracket level.  Remember, there will be no tax on Social Security Disability payment or Veteran's benefits.  Retirement income will be taxed at the income bracket level the Individual has for the tax year being filed.

Dependents can be deducted at $4,000 each by either parent per dependent after the threshold of $31,200 in income.

Mortgage interest, property taxes, unpaid healthcare costs, and charitable deductions can be deducted by the paying party only, and the $31,200 level must be met (living wage) prior to these deductions being used.  The OBJECTIVE of THIS PLAN is to RAISE EVERYONE'S INCOME LEVEL, allowing them to pay a reasonable federal tax.

Tax Brackets

                                                                                                      0   -      31,200                       10%                                                     

                                                                                            31,201   -      62,400                       10%

                                                                                            62,401   -      93,600                       15%

                                                                                            93,601   -    187,200                       25%       

                                                                                          187,201   - 1,000,000                       35%

                                                                                       1,000,001     Upward                         40%

There will no deferments on income.  All retirement holdings are taxed as income yearly, never to be taxed again,.  All earnings taken out of retirement holdings are tax free after the age of 59 years, 6 months.  Present taxable 401K and IRA's will be taxed at the time of distribution, therefore, if you do not have adequate income in any given year to cover the deductions allowed on your return, you can take those needed funds as income and exempt them in the future from being taxed.

I have reviewed changing the tax code regarding Individuals and Corporations for many years, read the Fair Tax books, the Flat Tax proposal, the Value added Tax proposal, all of which seem to benefit the persons who have the highest income level. My plan is still progressive by income level, but everyone pays something.


I believe that the program Common Core was passed by all States to supply the guidelines of acceptable levels of learning that is achieved as a student progresses through K-12.  Someone has to oversee our children's education.  States always are judged in sequence: 1 being the top state schools to 50 being the lowest rated schools.  We have shown that money is not the answer, but doing a better job is with more parental and teacher control.  The children do not run the schools, although it sure seems that way to me.

I believe that we should extend the school year to 210 days and adjust the schedule allowing a summer session to maintain an equal playing field for all students.  Most importantly, all students should stay in school until they graduate, no dropouts, require full attendance for what should now be 14 years - Pre-K4 to 12th grade.  Remember Jeff Foxworthy's show "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader"?  Today, 5th graders can cruise through the G.E.D. exam.  Tough programs will produce the students who will compete globally in the future.  It is one thing to compete for a job because someone with an H-1B visa will work for less money, but assuredly they should not be more educationally qualified.  That's on all of US!

Also, my Plan does not cost any more money to fund than the teachers of Georgia absorbed over the last 8 years in furloughs and lack of pay increases.  Pay our teachers what they deserve!  Our children and grandchildren spend almost half of their day revolved around their education and school programs.



This is America’s best run program.  Overhead and cost of management runs less than 4% of total revenue of program each year.  That means $0.96 cents of every dollar goes to providing services.  All veterans should be added to this program and be allowed to receive services, whatever their choice.  We can raise the Medicare tax to fund this cost.  Everyone should pay for our Veterans!  Medicare projections soon will produce a shortfall in revenue.  If necessary, I would recommend increasing the amount paid through deduction from 1.45% to 2.0% for the Employee and the Employer.

Things easily corrected in this program:

               Eliminate fraud;
               Set an acceptable payment amount for all services;
               Negotiate minimal drug cost for all participants;
               Set lifetime limits; and 
               Require catastrophic insurance for all beneficiaries of the program who may exceed lifetime limits.

Options for Medicare Advantage to cover shortfalls shall be expanded to eliminate individual shortfalls and catastrophic occurrences.

Expand long-term care programs and make them a requirement.


The expansion of Medicare formula to be used by the people who do not qualify for Medicare or Medicaid.

This will be set up using the same principles as Medicare, only it will be funded by the Employer/Company, and the employees receiving the benefits on a reasonable share cost program.  By forming Medi-Health, we can bring the cost from Providers down to an amount similar to the payments made by the Medicare Plan.  This will also cut the management fees and profit (return to investors/stockholders) of the insurance companies.  The people being insured can bid out these management fee services to the company of their choice, not to exceed the cost that a government managed Medicare program is running (less than 4%).

Our government does not make a profit, and the management fees seem to be extremely reasonable.  This is your choice, the Voter.

Eliminate the excessive increases every year.  You should all understand that Medicare for the people over 65 years of age costs less than $10,000 per year for each person receiving benefits and their cost to them from Medicare is about $1,200 each.

Certain supplemental programs can cost each person an additional $2,000.

I never hear complaints about Medicare, maybe a little whining but no serious complaints, regardless of what certain politicians say.  This is the best way.

This is America.  All services should be of the highest quality.  Healthcare services is our best employer!

A lot of people believe that this program receives the most fraud and abuse in our government programs, providing healthcare to the people who can’t afford regular insurance programs, or to the people not covered by their employers, or the unemployed.  Whatever the reason, these individuals, including children, look for assistance from the overall healthcare systems and the programs available to them through local, state, and federal governments, along with charitable assistance.

Any program can be improved.  Just because the program has problems in management does not mean it should be scrapped and eliminated.  We need to make sure that the best possible service for the lowest cost is provided.  No excuses.

Do low income people have a right to that healthcare?  Yes, they do!

Remember where they are, you could be there one day too!

Call the Governor of Georgia and tell him to expand Medicaid, I have! 



Immigration reform cannot wait for partisan politics; it is time to get something done right.  This legislation must solve the problem, not add new burdens.  My plan has three parts.

Senator Isakson’s once proposed a bill to secure the borders, but nothing was ever passed by the House of Representatives.  It is my desire to have all Georgia Representatives, along with a national consensus, vote with the people of America, who want to close the borders and make them secure.  I believe that this 2100 mile border should be made into a military base, a minimum of 5 miles wide or greater, along with a new wall that can’t be penetrated or climbed over.  Our military bases have always been secure and the laws regarding trespassing are very clear, and so are its penalties.  Therefore, the federal government will control the borders and border patrol will become a military operation.

The people of Mexico have been oppressed and exploited for years.  They live in some of the poorest conditions in the world, yet as it is shown in the U.S. with our foreign workers, they are some very hard working people.  Considering that the government of Mexico, which is known to be the most corrupt in the world except for small powerful representative groups and agreeing political party, this quasi dictatorship is disguised as a democracy.  Who would not want to leave?  Only the select few!  It is time to remove this false government, and its false leaders who are not friends to the United States and support someone who will allow the Mexican people to build their country to the standard we have in the United States.  As it is said, if you help built it, they will come, back!  All individuals who are here illegally or have overstayed their visas, no matter what their origin, must go back to the country they came from!  Our national security is at extreme risk because we have not enforced the laws that have been in place for years.

The late Senator Edward Kennedy is among many others who have tried to raise the minimum wage several times.  The minimum wage should be raised immediately to $11.00 per hour, but this should only apply to workers under the age of 22 who should be in training while in school, or people who are retired and have other income to sustain their living expenses.  Set in place a living wage level to go along with the minimum wage at $15.00 per hour, then help pass a minimum wage law in Mexico identical to the present United States program and have all American companies step up to the plate and do what will help advance Mexico’s standard of living and add to its infrastructure and development.  An increase in good paying jobs that are sustainable is the solution.

Do all the above and the other problems of immigration will fall into place over time.

Stop issuing all visas.  The economy is creating about 2.5 million jobs a year and we are issuing 3.2 million visas.  When the present visas expire, have the people go home to their country.  The best way to improve this economy and give more Americans a chance to become gainfully employed is to reduce the overall population.

This is a tough love stance, but one that would work.



19 Trillion and counting.  I don't think so.  Oh, it totals this much, but saying it's going to be paid back.  Is it on the backs of our children and grandchildren and us?  Probably yes.  Here is what that 19 trillion consists of:

  (1) Social Security Trust Fund.  They say $2.786.trillion.  I believe it is closer to $3.5 trillion, including near future expenditures and short falls.  It's gone, forget about it - SSI, SSDI payments will be funded by workers from now on, tax deductions will increase to 7% on all income.  Government cannot touch the Trust Fund payments again, period!  This also includes the Federal Disability Insurance Fund.

   (2)  Intra-Government Holdings owed to other federal agencies.

          Office of Personnel Management Retirement                               $   873 Billion

          Military Retirement Fund                                                                     $   601 Billion

          Medicare                                                                                                    $   267 Billion

          All Other Retirement Funds                                                                 $   187 Billion

          Cash on Hand to Fund Federal Government Operations             $   508 Billion

                                                                                                                                $2.436 Trillion

As an excellent forensic accountant, I would say that all this money seems to be gone.  The question?  Was it paid in by the taxpayers, fund managers, retirement programs, Medicare funds?  And, is the cash-on-hand spent or on-hand?  We need an answer to the question, "where's the money?"

   (3) Debt Held by the Public

           (A) Federal Reserve                                                                                   $2.461 Trillion

I believe this is printed money, not tax collected.  Do we owe money that is printed to whom?  Ourselves.  It looks like another scam and they pay interest on it.  Is this like monopoly, add more paper money to keep the game going?  No Banker seems to have an answer.

​          (B) Mutual Funds                                                                                        $1.056 Trillion


Did the Government borrow from people's mutual funds, or, do we sell mutual funds in the United States of America?

         (C) State & Local Government,  

                including those Pension Funds                                                       $    803 Billion

         (D) Private Pension Funds                                                                       $    403 Billion

         (E) Banks                                                                                                       $   515 Billion

         (F) Insurance Companies                                                                         $    293 Billion

         (G) U.S. Savings Bonds                                                                               $   174 Billion

         (H) All other Individual GSE's   

                 Brokers, Dealers, Banks, Personal Trusts &

                 Estates, Corporate and Non-Corporate Business,

                 plus numerous other Investors                                                      $1.198 Trillion

                                                                                                          TOTAL         $6.903 Trillion

This is a tremendous number of people who entrusted the U.S. Government and our elected officials with their money.  How did they think they would ever pay this back?

   (4) Foreign Debt - Money the United States owes other countries, plus U.S. Treasury Bonds or Debt Bonds.

         (A)  China                                                                                                       $1.246 Trillion

         (B)  Japan                                                                                                       $1.112 Trillion

         (C)  Caribbean Bank Centers                                                                    $   351.6 Billion

         (D) Oil Exporting Countries                                                                       $   292.5 Billion

         (E)  Brazil                                                                                                        $   254.8 Billion

         (F) Ireland, 

         (G) Switzerland,

         (H) United Kingdom,                                            Each hold between   $   108-264 Billion each

         (I) Hong Kong,

         (J) Taiwan, (K) India, and

         (L) Singapore


                                                                                                          TOTAL        $6.175 Trillion

The simple fact is that these countries all lend the United States money so that we can do business with them and buy their products and services.  Leverage, plain and simple.  What do we get in return?  These countries have become rich off the United States from our buying power!  What would happen if we turned the tables around?

Remember this - we elected people to represent us in Washington, DC and this debt and mismanagement is how they repaid us.  It's time for all of them who were there before President Obama and got re-elected, they need to find a new job.  We should not blame the new guys, they couldn't fix anything with Washington's old guard.


Funds must be properly managed to produce a good return.

We need to collect back the stimulus payments and recent reductions.


This program is a must and should be separate from the federal budget, no exceptions.  The 3.5 trillion dollars borrowed from the Trust Fund is gone, spent by your elected Senators and Congressmen.  It’s gone! - only to be replaced by the workers of today and in the future.  Tell Washington to stop printing money to pay interest on this.  That’s a scam and we really don't know for sure how much they took.  Google says 2.786 trillion, it could be 5 trillion.

The Simple Fix:

  • Separate Social Security Income/Disability from general fund, not part of the federal budget.

  • Put all future funds in the lock box, never to be touched again by government!

  • Write off all past debt liabilities; give a full and complete explanation where the money went since Lyndon Johnson.  Why show you’re paying interest on something you’re never paying back.  Load of crap.  Reduce this so call national debt.

  • Raise back Social Security deduction 7% on all income.  No cap on income.  Tax paid on all income.  Personnel/Company 14%, together.

  • Insure the amount paid in by each individual with life insurance to cover a set amount, covered.  Have a set amount in case of death prior to under 67 years of age (charge a surcharge) above the 6% for the insurance.  Underwrite with the nation’s largest insurance companies who supply the insurance.  Regulate them heavily.

​        The base amount should take into consideration a death benefit to protect a spouse and a dependent or disabled child or

        children.  Balance is zero at death.  

  • Set a yearly cap on monthly maximum payment.  ​